Yes, Frozen Vegetables Are As Nutritious As Fresh Vegetables

Sourced from Local Farmers

Birds Eye veggies are not processed. They are grown with
care by real farmers. Our farmers carefully select only the
best, highest-quality vegetables.

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Picked at the Peak of Freshness

Our veggies ripen in the field until they are picked at their
peak, unlike many fresh vegetables that ripen on the way to
the grocery store. Our veggies contain no artificial colors or
artificial flavors. They are simply fresh vegetables, flash frozen!


Flash Frozen to Lock in Nutrients

Birds Eye vegetables are flash frozen within hours of
harvest, locking in their nutrients. The cold temperature
preserves the quality, just as they were when they were first picked,
without the need for preservatives. In fresh vegetables,
nutrients are lost in shipping and shelving.


In Season. All Year.

Frozen vegetables are always in season, which makes nutritious
meal planning a snap. Even better, our flash-frozen veggies taste
as fresh as they did the moment they were picked.


Less Waste,
More Yum

As much as 40% of our food supply is discarded each
year. Frozen foods last longer than fresh, so you can
use what you need and save the rest for later.

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