Our Mission Is Simple

Some companies have lofty goals. To fight disease. Or feed the world. Or save the planet. At Birds Eye our ambition is humble. We just want to help people eat more vegetables.

So, every day, for nearly a century, we’ve worked tirelessly to make vegetables irresistible. Easier to buy. Store. Prepare. And serve. More delicious. More delightful. Because when people get more of their daily nutrition from vegetables and plants, remarkable things happen.

They experience less obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Farmers can feed more people using less land, water, and energy. Fewer chemicals are needed. Fewer greenhouse gases are released. Which means that helping people eat more vegetables may actually help fight disease, feed the world and save the planet.

It seems your Mom was right all along: it’s good to eat vegetables. So we make vegetables good to eat.

Our Roots

Meet Clarence Birdseye, a visionary who changed the way
America eats vegetables. He invented frozen foods as we
know them today. The rest, as they say, is Birds Eye history.

See How We Started

Fresh From the Farm

Birds Eye has a long history of working with family
farmers. Our veggies ripen in the field—not on the
truck. See where our vegetables are grown.

See Where Goodness Grows

Vegetable Nutrition
Made Easy

Our Products

Our Partners

Birds Eye is a proud partner of Environmental Media Association’s “Green My School” program
where celebrities visit their hometown school to plant and cultivate a garden, instilling the
importance of plant-based nutrition and agriculture.

Learn More About EMA
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